14 thoughts on “The real news

  1. I got bad news for you Charlie. The organizers of that Dirt Diaries Vid contest said your video was so lame that they are not gonna invite you back next year. They said it made no sense and shirtless Lopes only made it more gay and awkward.

  2. ^^^^*it was only more ghey and awkward because of the fact that he wore new knee pads over to see Lopes and left the fucking tags on.

  3. the fact that people didn't 'get' that video proves how lame mountain bikers can be. take the stick outta your ass!

  4. As much as I wanted to like that Dirt Diaries video ……it had almost no entertainment value, I don't know who your target audience was, but I watched that video for the first time with five other people, and at the end, people were asking ” what the fuck did I just watch?”
    – You should have just dressed up like a Robot-(like I said before) and filmed something funny . You were never gonna win against Norbs in Canada, but at least it would have been Viral Iconic moment for TeamRobot

  5. What the fuck did I just watch was entirely the point. I just wish we saw more piss flaps.

  6. ^^^^wait a minute. There were piss flaps in that “film”? Where? Was it Lopes?

    I'm confused.

  7. Some of us have to call it 650b or the spoke sniffers interrupt and point out that the wheel is closer to 27″ than 27.5″.

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