15 thoughts on “Your random New England video of the day

  1. That's not a “ladder bridge” it's a wooden kicker you fucking retard. kill yourself. and stay the eff off the beast coast. it fucking hates you.

  2. There was more entertainment in that 9 seconds than the entire load for shit you filmed.
    Seriously, kill yourself.

  3. Have to agree with the robot here. East coast mtn biking is cute, and everyone respects how hard you guys try, but the scene sucks like a 99' aaron chase video.

  4. hey anonymous 8:18…how come your boy brobot is all podium-y on the left coast and all not-top-10-y on the east. keep livin' the dream, you stitched-together-set-of-piss-flaps.

  5. Oh boy here we go…it's like trying to explain to your buddy that his girlfriend is fat and kind of a bitch.

  6. I can't believe people still don't get this. The West Coast sucks and we know it. The East Coast sucks too, but East Coasters will brutally maim you before they admit it. Colorado and Utah also suck, but nobody cares about Colorado or Utah, so it's basically a moot point.

  7. Holy fucking time machine. I do remember pushing my Kona W/ an Avalanche shock and Monster T around local hills and cliff bands in 2002. All of the stunts, ladders and skinnies were made from Poplar or other shit wood that rotted out in 2 seasons. It was Gnar bro. So glad in my part of New England that shit is dead and gone. We just ride in the Woods on bikes now.

  8. People work with what they got, we have less elevation, less land to work with and less mountains. Try putting a shovel in east coast dirt, 9 times outta 10 you will hit rocks within the first inch. Shit is not mountain bike friendly, but we make te best of it.

  9. Outside of Gwin, Mulally, Rude and Shaw, the entire country gets smoked by Rachael Atherton
    1 West coast, 3 east coast

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