And so it ends

There is no more For six years I believed if I kept using the old URL, Spomer would have to keep paying for it. Hope shattered.

In a totally unrelated story, boy was I wrong about this:

I think Loic Bruni was on track to win a World Cup by the end of this year, but my bet is that he completely falls off the back now that he has to ride the rolling garbage pile.”

So, that didn’t happen in 2014, and certainly not in 2015. But I will say this, in my defense:

A) Whatever size frame he was running at the 2014 Fort William BDS (the duct tape covered bike pictured above), it sure as hell wasn’t the same size he won World Champs on a few days ago. In those initial pictures we got of Loic and the new bike, he looked like a bear riding a circus bike. The bike he’s on these days looks like it might actually fit. And for my needs, the bike is still unridable, as the size large has a reach length 40mm less that what I’m used to riding. Which is a lot.

B) He’s on an air shock, and I bet it’s not for weight. Dollars to donuts, I bet you he’s on the Gwin program, where he’s using the air volume to tweak spring rate and make a linear trampoline bike into a more progressive, predictable, dick-smashing bike.

C) Everything else I said about France was on point. Crepes are awesome, Syria… not so much.

10 thoughts on “And so it ends

  1. Ha ha, like Charlie fuck face's opinion on what the top world cup racers ride actually counts for shit.
    Is it right that you ride a Felt, hahahahahaha…

  2. Pretty weak defense, but funny that you Felt obligated to blog it.

    Also, your consistent and continued weak defense of air shocks really shows that you really have the spirit of enduro inside you.

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