19 thoughts on “So hot right now

  1. At this point it is starting to feel like you are posting new blogs just to distract from the comment section of previous blogs.

    Sort of like the guy who starts out with a few stupid tattos and then just gets more stupid tattoos just to distract people from the previous ones.

  2. Hey Anonymous, nice conspiracy theory. Please let me know if I have any particularly stupid tattoos you'd like to talk about. If you have something interesting to say, maybe I can use it for one of my new tattoos. Either way, I'm going to keep getting tattoos, stupid or not, for the forseeable future, just like I've been doing for the last eight years.

  3. ^^^ Yeah – anonymous dude!! If Chazz can put up with me for the past 7.5 years- Surely he can put up with you too.
    And Chazz, I”m coming the Gravity Van party at Stevens- and im bring a bottle of Juice – so get ready to clam bake a phaaty boom batty of the Lithuanian!!

  4. pinkbike figured out this blog exists, thats a solid base of angry bros who are considerably more skilled in a comment section than on a bicycle

  5. Ya, I've been disappointed with robots lack of click bait for a long time. Where are the huge titted chicks asking me if I want to know what women really want?? I feel like team robots ad dept is too busy riding their road bikes in circles around portland and calling it “training.”

  6. At this point if you're posting intimidating comments under a blog and remaining Anonymous then you have probably deprived your life from excitement so much that you should consider fkng your mother analy (if you haven't done it yet)

  7. I love the batty and waki hate on the anonymous comments. I look at both your reputations, and well, I don't want that. I'm perfectly fine not being viewed as an aggressively-opinionated comment troll in real-life.

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