26 thoughts on “Torch: passed

  1. Are you sponsored by Juicelubes now? I think they would be a good fit for you- you should paint the side of the van with the Juicelubes logo as a promo

  2. Call it sped up when you can post a top 20 result at a gnarly track like Val di Sole

  3. dude looks like he's having some fun. are we seeing this bc juice lubes pays more than felt?

  4. not getting the hate for this fella. He fucking rips. His “wiggling” is more about survival than trying to make it look faster (like some hucker trying to do the same).

  5. @Miss

    Sped up footage like that would make even charlie look like a “ripping” mountain biker.

  6. That music…yikes. And what was with the 14 second interlude of trees and leaves and ferns and whatnot?

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  8. Know what he thinks of you Charlie?! Oh wait, he doesn't. He is too busy qualifying at World Cups.

  9. Serious question: where in that vid is sped up? Feel like I know dudes who can take tight bermed turns that quickly, and they're not even top regional pros.

  10. The bloke has style for miles and is fast with it, qualifies at WCs and got a top 20 at Val di Sole…he's going places, TeamRobot isn't.
    Atwill is local to me, as is Fairclough….so is Reynolds, they should all do a combined edit for Charlie….this place would implode under its own self importance.

  11. I'll say it again, the kid is a shredder. How many of you haters are as fast as him? Probably none? These negative comments read like a teenager, living with his parents, talking about how he prefers the Bugatti Veyron over a McLaren F1.

  12. you're not allowed to have the slightest negative thing to say about this bloke. he's great and you suck. I happen to be from the same town as this kid too. I know him and sam hill and steve peat and brook macdonald and brandon semenuk and gee atherton and a bunch of other famous people. but like I was saying, you suck

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