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Hey guys, sorry I’ve been away from the blog for so long. We’ve had a media blackout at Felt, so no one could talk about our awesome new trail bike… until today.

Now that I can finally share it with you, it’s without any further ado that I present you the brand new 2016 Felt Decree carbon 140mm trail bike:

Team riders on the new Decree at Lake Tahoe.

From Felt: “Light, stiff and incredibly capable, the Decree features XC-like climbing, descending prowess and adjustability to match any athletes’ ultimate ride. Felt’s team of mountain bike engineers designed several versions of the Decree to ultimately create the final frame. From shock tuning, to stiffness testing to carbon selection, the engineers spared no expense in perfecting every detail of the Decree.” 
The straight talk from TEAM ROBOT: I’ve been working with Felt’s engineers on this project from start to finish, and they really knocked it out of the park on this one.
From Felt: “The geometry can be adjusted by rotating eccentric chips located in the seat stay pivot. By changing the orientation of these chips, the bottom bracket height will be raised or lowered by 10mm and the head angle will be slackened or steepened by 1 degree. The adjustable geometry allows riders to personalize the Decree to unique riding styles.”
The straight talk from TEAM ROBOT: Flip your geometry from awesome to awesome-r.
From Felt: “The cables are all internally routed with an entrance at the head tube and an exit near the bottom bracket. Both sides have removable plugs to fit Di2, shift, or brake cable that can be configured to suit the rider’s needs. These features result in a clean, snag-free design.”
The straight talk from TEAM ROBOT: I know, I know, you don’t like internal cable routing and normally neither do I. But this time it’s been done so cleanly, I think you might change your mind. Keep your mind open.

From Felt: “The seat tube pivot is around 20mm lower than on previous models to allow for more seat post insertion on the smaller sizes. The seat tube lengths have also been made shorter to allow more clearance for the mechanisms on dropper posts. With this option, riders have a wider range of fits on the bike.”
The straight talk from TEAM ROBOT: I’m tall so I don’t have a lot experience with this, but apparently smaller people have trouble fitting their dropper posts in their frames with room to spare. Felt solved that.
Check out more on our website, and check out the full product development cycle that I got to be part of:

29 thoughts on “Big news

  1. No one cares. Make with the funny or kill yourself.

    In other news, former b-list bike video star, Jordan “Jordie ” Lunn shall now be known as “Shit Tatts”. Cam McCrae allowed a shirtless thumb nail on his website and that was enough internet for one day… Still more exciting and relevant than whatever shit you've posted Charles.

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  3. I only read the STRAIGHT TALK FROM TEAM ROBOT parts and clicked on the pictures. I would read way more product launch stuff if they were done in this format. I like the matte checkered finish, reminds me of the checkered flag i.e. the bike is made for winning.

    But to be fair IBU,FITRI SULISTIAWATI really beat me to the punch and hit the nail on the head with, “…sudah jauh lebih baik dari sebelumnya itu semua berkat…”

  4. Charlie you should make some calls and see if you can get Wil White one of those bikes. Imagine How cool would it be – to see Wil W not qualify for Rampage every year on a Felt Enduro bike?

  5. Which idiot at felt thought it would be a good idea to release a new bike during rampage?

  6. So the slackest it goes is 66º? Add it to the burn pile if that's all you got! L

    Must suck to have to pretend Rampage is not happening because you are a racer geek who can't accept that one freeride event in Utah gets more attention than the whole entire DH season. But hey, it's sorta how like one World Cup race gets more attention than the entire EWS; people pay attention to exciting events.

  7. Here is a re-enactment of Charlie's input during the development cycle:

    Felt: So Charlie, what do you think of our new trail bike?

    Chaz: It's ummm… great. Can you guys actually make that check out to my parents? They're starting to charge me rent for my van spot.


  8. Charlie's take:
    I know, I know, you don't like anal and normally neither do I. But this time it's been done so cleanly, I think you might change your mind. Keep your mind open.

    Kill yourself

  9. Felt, congratulations on matching your technology to that of bikes from 2009. Does Felt really have engineers, like real mechanical engineers?

  10. Have you seen the potential of using Washington Park's Zoo drop off via Trimet train for riding a mile downhill in premium dirt to Goose Hallow and shuttling that way?

    Lots use the tram to 'zoo bomb' and you should push for mountain bike trails there, you were the main person speaking on the news for what looks like XC..

    You raced downhill national champs..? Just think of Taxco, and having a national or globally acclaimed race in downtown Portland, and how quick it could happen if all the mountain bikers and organizations agreed, and give up the rest of the obviously closed hiking trails and focus on Washington park for directional trails, I see no reason why the city wouldn't fund directional dedicated trails where it makes sense, and could literally increase tourism, and use of public transportation/services while opening the potential for hosting globally recognized events, why not have a XC uphill trail or a few too? Reiteration: Dedicated trails. Mountain biking in the middle of town. Downhill riding for a few bucks. Awesome. Lots of sponsors would pour lots of money into that, heavy machinery, big jumps..? Centrally located and downhill.

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