More big news

This was also top secret until now. When Felt pro Nicola Rohrbach got 2nd place at Roc d’Azur last week, he was actually riding the new 2016 Decree FRD!

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12 thoughts on “More big news

  1. Loving the fact that the dropper post can't drop that far due to massive over sight on the silly seat tube.

  2. What and where the hell is Roc d Azur?

    Nevermind, I'll just assume it has a lot of pedaling based upon the bike he is riding and the roadie jersey he is wearing.

    That jersey makes his bike shorts look like NBA shorts.

    And those flexstays go great with that intimidator glare.

  3. ONZA tires ? really? I thought you were sponsored by maxxis, but if you want to kill yourself, sure onza tyres are spot on

  4. It's chaz, don't you see? he is trying to get the euro' style, as it's the only way to ensure good performance in enduro !

    (@12.37guy : come on, i know it's not Charlie, why would Charlie try to race in France whereas he is already failing in USA? + Charlie is probably 15cm taller)

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