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My favorite is the all new 2016 carbon Felt Decree 3. Sure, I love my all new 2016 carbon Felt Decree 1 in black checkerboard carbon, but how cool is this bright orange colorway on the all new 2016 carbon Felt Decree 3?
And let’s talk about what a great value the all new 2016 carbon Felt Decree 3 is. XT 11-speed, Schwalbe tires, a Debonair rear shock and Soloair Pike, all on a carbon frame for only $4499? What a steal.

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  1. Who doesn't appreciate an all-new colorway and great value in a bike? I know I do. I can't wait to ride it! Felt, you've outdone yourself! #gamechanger

  2. The kids are gonna by crying about not being able to drop their saddle below the B/B axle with that badly thought out seat tube.

  3. You didn't mention the Felt brand in the past 18 months on this blog, and now it is just post after post about Felt……..? Are you getting a Felt windbreaker after you mention & market Felt 10 times ?

  4. This just in: Felt and Marin battle it out for trail bike of the year in 2014 with the same bike. Who knew you could make a regressive launch into last year's market to try to take the win? #gamechanger

  5. Let's be honest…neither robot nor anyone reading this blog has $4499 cash. Thats roughly 50 pro regional wins, or 7 years cashiering at plaid pantry. Both are about equal in terms of career achievement, and both are well above the robot demo.

  6. So I'm assuming Interbike didn't go so well, you got dumped by Felt(or at least no $), and now you are just having fun with it all.

    Not bad.

  7. I prefer home made tortillas to the store bought ones. It really makes the meal so much better.

  8. Thanks buddy guy! Here at Taco Tuesday, we make muy bueño tortillas just like cho mama used to make. If she was Latino, and could cook, and wasn't a dirty ho bag.

  9. Hey Charlie,

    Stop trying to make it seem like you are a great sponsored athlete, pushing product and being a awesome brand ambassador. You're not. I can see why you would do that though, with your Felt contract expiring soon and needing to find a new dick to ride to #freeshitbro.

  10. and here I thought chief robot was busy wrapping burritos at chipotles, but it turns out he was busy picking bikes out of catalogs.

  11. Looks like some of you don't get the joke: Watch Charlie shill hyperbolically, but he really doesn't mean it! The thing is, it's supposed to be irony, but it doesn't work because he's still shilling for Felt.

    But I bet it works: More people have looked up that bike.

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