18 thoughts on “Your bike doesn’t fit, bro

  1. It's for “flickability” – blarghhhh reading that work makes me vurp.

    FLICKABILITY. The bike is really flickable when you size down.

  2. And his head angle is way too steep and so is almost every other manufacturers trail bikes. Who defends steep head angles? Nobody but road bikers! It's great to see you back in top of your game after you took a few hard hits in the comments section recently.

  3. Because everybody with a small bike buys it for “flickability”? I get the impression you think that means having a bike that's purpose-built for freeride flicks.

    Pretty sure Bryceland ran a Large V10 most of last season…

  4. Josh and Nico Lau both ride “small” and are fast as fuck but 98% of the pro's ride looooonnnnng bikes. So I think Charlie is probably right, long reach is better but within reason. Pro's can ride a fucking mondraker but for the regular robot….unrideable. If you watch the new “French Lesson's” video from Rockshox, you see how much softer Fabien runs his fork compared to Walker Shaw. Fabien > Walker.

  5. ^”Pro's can ride a fucking mondraker but for the regular robot….unrideable”

    There is no such thing as an average Robot, all Robots are the sickest of the sick. So go kill yourself, you cyborg scum.

    Also, you're comparison is wrong, America (Shaw)> Frenchist (Fabien). You un-american pile… Go back to Quebec.

  6. I hate to speak from the dead like this, but are you sure you want to trust that person at 8:04 PM?

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