45 thoughts on “Brandon Semenuk’s contest runs

  1. Brandon Semenuk creeps me out. Something about him is just…weird.

    Also, this video reminds of that scene in Tombstone where Val Kilmer mockinglt twirls the cup.

  2. Coming from someone with an equally successful career… Oh wait, the only reason anybody knows you exist is because you complained about the Whistler EWS race. Besides writing occasionally edgy/slightly funny posts, you bring nothing to the table and nobody wants to see you ride a bike.

  3. This is at least 62% more interesting than the last few non-posts.

    Maybe Chuck's depressed.

  4. I enjoyed Semenuks Rampage run and I enjoyed the sword dancing, so yeah I get it. Most readers prob don't.

    Nice blogging as usual, I was at the trail The other day and people were talking trash about Specialized and Trek, but saying all kinds of good things about Felt. That's Team Robot, that's effective blogging right there! Go get em buddy! Nobody is blogging harder about the Decree model.

    Can't wait to see the new proto-status DH bike you've been testing for them for your World Cup tour next year, But in the meantime I found this Felt DH bike for sale on pinkbike:


    2007 FELT D8.5 Downhill Bike (European Spec)I am selling my DH rig as I never got into DH riding as much as I thought I would as I am more of a XC rider.It bike is in superb condition, I only rode it 4 times for a total of less than 100 miles.This bike is built to ride and has an awesome 8.5″ of travel on the front & the back & is a one of a kind (in the US at least).This bike is just hanging in my garage wants to be ridden.Apart from some scuffs there are no mechanical or structural defects,the rear brake resoviour needs a little fluid as it had been hanging in my garage too long (brake still works perfectly, but a little soft)As sad as I am to part with this bike, I know that someone will have much better use for it than me.I have come to the realization that I can't justify keeping it around as I haven't even ridden it since 2008.You don't want to have a ride that just looks like everyone else?The FELT D8.5 was never available in the States so if you want a one of a kind ride… this is the bike for you!It is a European Spec'ed bike that was brought over before FELT USA had their line of full suspension Mountain Bikes.Size is Medium \ Large.The frame alone on this bike was 1995 EURO + add about $1K for the Rock Shox Boxxer Fork End… you get the picture… we are talking some serious $$$.

    SPECS:size M \ Lcolor BLACKframe FELT D8.5fork Rock Shox Boxxer Race 8.5″ Suspensionshock ROMIC 450 x 8.0bar Race Face Evolve DH, 31.8mmshifter Shimano XTfront Nonerear Shimano XT – 9 SPEEDbrakes Magura Julie 203mm Hydrauliclevers Magura Juliecassete Shimano XTchain Shimanocranks Truvativ Hussefeltwheels WTB LaserDisc DHtires FRONT: MAXXISREAR: NOKIAN

  5. I've noticed a lot of guys buy DH bikes and don't get into it as much as they thought they would.

    Ever ask the question why not?

    1 lack of DH trails to ride-they don't just appear once you buy the bike
    2 lack of riders to ride with-You assumed people would want to ride with you cause you have a cool red DH bike. It's an ego thing. You have to be a person, not just a cold metal bike.
    3 time
    4 injuries-Yeah you got f'd up because you didn't acknowledge it's a danger sport for stunt riders only
    5 girl time.
    6 It's not easy
    7 alcohol
    9 bad disc brakes or other bike related mishaps
    10 No vehicle to transport heavy bicycle with low seat. Looks great in the bedroom though
    11. Facebook/social media/twitter/instaham
    12 back to moto
    13 bike is outdated and I only ride one that I can pretend is the best
    14 failed to live up to own expectations in DH Racing.

  6. Brandon Semenuk creeps me out. Something about him is just…weird.

    It's that vibe. Focus group-approved in every dimension, like a political candidate's appearance and sound bites. Perfect for a world where parents check the treats before their children accept them at each Halloween door.

  7. @8:08 hey guys. self proclaimed advanced skateboarder and bmx rider here, mountain biking needs to be more like skateboarding and bmx with less “bullshit” and more fighting and drinking and not giving a fuck!!!! yt!!!! no fucks given!!!!! fest series!!!! metal mondays!!!!! Early 2000s bmx!!!! please like me!!!!

  8. I approve of this courtship dance and see no reason why these siblings should not be joined in holy matrimony. Of course I am blind, so I never see anything let alone a reason. Saluté!

  9. @11:40pm: please STFU about the Felt DH bike, or lack thereof. You must have written like 9 posts about this “topic” that no one gives a fuck about. Kill yourself and stop making dull comments on this blog.

  10. Charlie……how come you don't talk about KILL LISTS anymore?? Is it because you think the FBI might put you on their watchlist of people who make regular death threats on the Internet ? FYI – Your probably already on it anyway………

  11. @11:40 if charlie is making a dh bike with felt he might actually be cool. some us still like sill like to pretend this blog is worth reading.

  12. @10:45, hey mr sissy anonymous, do you even know what proto-status means?

    Google 'Felt DH bike' and get a clue!

    Fact #1: Charlie is running a full World Cup campaign this year.
    Fact#2: Felt is currently working on developing a long, low, previously undisclosed mountain bicycle.
    Fact. #2. Charlie is a lock for the US World's DH team because of back door political bargaining with USA Cycling.
    Fact#3. Felt makes some of the worlds best bikes:


    Fact #4. Charlie received a substantial sum of money recently and made dramatic marketing changes to the team anti-human website.
    Fact #5. Charlie finished top 10 at the usa cycling national championships, and finished top 3 at the 'real' national championships.
    Fact. #6 Charlie gets a lot of negative comments on here simply because of his racing success.

    Put it all together and what you have is a bunch of player haters with poorly built frames who are likely pissed because they just missed the podium.

  13. I like when filmmakers use slow motion cuts of riders putting on their helmets and goggles.

  14. Jamis Diablo sizing?

    StreamlineSpammer Extraordinaire

    hey everyone. I have gotten the green light to get a Jamis Diablo 1.0 off Jamis but am a bit shy about the purchase. I like to test ride a bike before buying and there aren't any bike shops around with downhill style bikes, not to mention they aren't made anymore. I have an inseam of 32 and I am 6' Tall 145- 150ish. What size would you guys/gals suggest. I was thinking the 17.5 but I have never been on this style bike. JensonUSA still has 15.5, 17.5, and 19.5 sizes.I am trying to get more into freeride type riding with a bit of downhill so I think this would be a good buy. Then again there is always another great sale right around the corner somewhere. Jan 14, 2008

    StreamlineSpammer Extraordinaire

    Am I in the wrong forum? Jan 14, 2008

    jonny dhMonkey

    no! medium size and you'll be just fine and the bike is a beuatiful bike is a smooth bike. Jan 14, 2008

    StreamlineSpammer Extraordinaire

    Thanks jonny dh. Jan 14, 2008

    jonny dhMonkey

    jamis has some well built bikes and you won't have any regrets,post back after you have been able to put the beast to work. Jan 15, 2008


    One of the local freeride galls here has one, and it seems to be very stout. Get the 17.5″. I'm 6'6″ tall, and would have to get the 19.5 so you'll be fine on the 17.5 I'm sure. Jan 15, 2008

    StreamlineSpammer Extraordinaire

    jonny dh said: ↑jamis has some well built bikes and you won't have any regrets,post back after you have been able to put the beast to work.I have a Jamis Ventura road bike and love it. Great bang for the buck. I am going to call up Jenson today and ask some questions. I'm still 50/50 on the purchase. Great price but still a lot to drop. It's funny, I never expected the wife to say sure if you want it get it. Before the ok I was tempted to buy it and then ask forgiveness. But now that I have the green light all this damn doubt pops into my head. It's like friggin reverse psychology. Jan 15, 2008

    jonny dhMonkey

    I know how you feel my wife said the same when I bought my rig and upgrades,she really takes care of me,and thats a wonderful thing.I can not forget,but you'll love the bike and you won't regret.do you have specs on this bike,I know allot of companies stick there own pieces together so each store has different grade qualities to there bike,and how much are you spending on it if you don't mind this ?.you're probably getting a killer deal anyways ,but just for kicks it would be good to know so that you're getting your moneys worth,though you'll be getting that anyway because it's a jamis. Jan 15, 2008

    StreamlineSpammer Extraordinaire

    Same components at the 2007 rigs. Got this from 07 Diablo 1.0 It looks pretty solid.COMPONENT SPECS* 7005-series aluminum frame with multi-link design and extra-strong 1.5 headtube* Manitou Swinger 4-way 175mm coil rear shock* Manitou Stance Blunt 170mm travel fork with 20mm thru-axle, OnePointFive!* FSA Orbit Extreme Pro 1-1/8″ headset* WTB Dual Duty Freeride rims laced to WTB Laser Disc Super Duty Disc Hubs, with big Maxxis High Roller tires* SRAM X.7 rear derailleur, SRAM X.7 trigger shifters, and Shimano Saint front derailleur* SRAM Powerglide 950 9-speed 11-32T cassette, Shimano HG-73 chain* TruVativ Hussefelt 24/36/Bash crankset with Howitzer Team bottom bracket AND chainguide is included too!* TruVativ Hussefelt platform pedals* Hayes HFX-9 HD Hydraulic disc brakes with 8″ V-Cut rotors* TruVativ LE 6061-T6 Alloy Riser bar and beefy Holzfeller CNC'd AL-66 stem* Titec El Norte Pyro-Scooper telescoping seatpost and WTB Power V Race DH Saddle* Weight: 43.80 lbs(19″) Jan 16, 2008


    have you looked at jensonusa.com, there selling 06 diablo 1.0's for like 1500 complete. Jan 16, 2008

  15. StreamlineSpammer Extraordinaire

    I just wonder if I should be looking for more of a freeride rig that can take some DH versus a DH rig that can take some freeride. Jan 16, 2008

    StreamlineSpammer Extraordinaire

    Yep. That is where I am looking at them $1,389.00 shipping 35 Jan 16, 2008

    jonny dhMonkey

    your getting the right bike for the job all the components are the same as mine and I haven't had any problems with them but I wanted to get mine down to 40 lbs. so I spent some extra money to do so but what your getting is so worth it and if you decide to upgrade you have all sorts of possibilities for your rig Jan 16, 2008

    StreamlineSpammer Extraordinaire

    That figures. I don't remember where but I read that it was around 37.5 stock. What did you swap out for discussion purposes. Jan 17, 2008

    StreamlineSpammer Extraordinaire

    Pow! trigger pulled. I got the 17.5. I have gotten mixed suggestions but the deciding factor was the fact that the 17.5 is the most popular size so they would run out of those quicker. If I don't like this size I can return and buy the 19.5. I have been wanting to try a size down anyway, I am just glad JensonUSA has a good return policy. Jan 17, 2008

    jonny dhMonkey

    you'll like very much I'm just surprised that they stopped making it,it's a work of art just like any other bike that behaves like it should. Jan 17, 2008

    StreamlineSpammer Extraordinaire

    I'm really looking forward to its arrival. The first ride will be a bit scary though lol. Kinda like test riding a rig. If you may return it your scared to death that you might wreck it. I hope the 17.5 size works for me. Jan 18, 2008


    How do you like the diablo? Is the size right? I'm considering the same purchase and am 6' tall also. Oct 25, 2008

    StreamlineSpammer Extraordinaire

    I actually love the bike. I have Upgraded the front shock to a Totem Coil and upgraded the drive to X9 components and it handles very nicely. I am unfortunately going to be trying to sell it soon. It is just to much bike for around here. I only get to ride it twice, maybe 3 times a year. I don't want to seem like I am spamming the boards but if your are serious about buying I am looking to sell mine with all the upgrades for $2,000 ish. If your interested talk to me through PM and I will give you list of what I changed out exactly. I will even throw in the original front shock as a spare if you like, nothing wrong with but some scratching and that is how it came from Jenson. I never rode the original front shock.Seriously this is a solid bike and sticks to the trail very nicely. If you don't want mine I highly suggest getting one from Jenson, it will just be lacking in the front shock and rear der and shifter dept.

  16. @anonymous 3:53am –
    You have no credibility for have two – fact#2's
    Either way – I find your “facts” amazingly hard to believe .

  17. Mike, that's like saying you have no credibility for misspelling having.

    Chaz, are you teaming up with Gwinny to be part of the new YT world cup DH team or is there really gonna be Felt DH bike? Gonna be a crazy off season it feels like.

  18. The spamming needs to stop if you want to maintain a loyal reader base here. I always feel obligated to read English comments and get sucked into reading about how a 6 foot tall guy buys a 17″ because there were fewer in stock and could return it? Not interesting not funny nothing.

    “What did you swap out for discussion purposes?”

    My brain.

  19. Fuck all that. This is the follow up video that YouTube suggested for that clip. Kinda makes me feel like I'm watching Victor Lucas on a SRAM shoot.

  20. YT is making a big announcement soon about its new team for upcoming world cup season looks like are gonna take over the industry. The team will feature a top tier rider from California with a lot of world cup success. He will be switching over from FOX suspension to the BOS brand, with an upside down prototype air fork. It will also feature two young riders he will take under his wing to hopefully guide towards success. One of those young riders also plans on competing in Rampage next year. Specialized will be making a big announcement soon to sign a top enduro rider with 4 cross and DH World Championship success.

  21. yeah hah hah derp derp everyone knows the real industry insiders are on ridemonkey, here's the racing form if you haven't made it to the bookie's today:

    pinkbike: adolescents who want to buy your DH bike for a PS2 and a promise to give you their allowance each month for the next 10 years

    mtbr: 30 to 90 year old hobbyists who really like the way a bike looks leaning up against a sofa

    nsmb: Los Angeles with more rain and funny accents and 7.379% less plastic surgery

    vitalmtb: 30 guys who raced BMX against each other about 20 years ago

    TGR: dentists, orthodontists, architects, lawyers, quantitative analysts, hedge fund managers, pump-and-dump chumps, realtors, and the Leisure Class all fighting to let you know you're not on their level

    ridemonkey: the heartbeat of the industry, the birthplace of bogus standards, stupid wheelsize and rim width fads, e-bikes, fatbikes, girvin flex-stems, the GT stinkbug, and the Christini AWD.

  22. Charlie- you gotta watch this documentary . The whole entire Russian Olympic team in Sochi was doping!! Everybody! The waterboy was juiced!
    And SPOILER ALERT: The HEAD of the WORLD ANTI-DOPING COMMISSION for Russia was really the RINGLEADER for ALL the DOPING!!! And what did I tell you about those pharmacies in Lithuania and Belarus….?!?! EPO delivered to your door like a pizza for $60 bucks ! !!!!' !!

  23. the dog has clearly seen this routine a thousand times as he ducks his head at just the right moment, saving both his ears. Magnificent!

  24. Great posts everybody, I read it all tonight!

    Welcome back teamrobot, I saw some of your new rap music online.

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