Reality check

Your daily reminder that there’s no substitute for a real, actual downhill bike.

Please punch anyone who says “It descends like a downhill bike.” No it doesn’t.

8 thoughts on “Reality check

  1. Finally someone who speaks the truth without marketing bull shit. It is one of the most annoying when someone says it’s like a downhill bike that you can pedal. Here’s the question that determines it’s a downhill bike: could you ride that bike at rampage? If not, it’s not a downhill bike you dumbass.

  2. Those people who say that also probably run crankbros everything. Man them 50/50 pedals are so nice. WRONG

  3. While I consider the REDALP a downhill bike, I sure as hell wouldn’t ride it at Rampage.

  4. Anyone who says “it’s like a dh bike that pedals” really means “I have little chicken legs and can’t turn the gears on a bike over 30lbs.”

  5. yeah but nothing looks worse than when you see a dual crown on your local imba trails(AKA a paved path)

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