DO NOT KILL list: Brent Martin

The news story below is the most important thing to happen in mountain biking this month. I know what you’re thinking, and yes: this is even more important than the updated Spacecraft+ goggle from 100%, with all new injected polycarbonate lens to increase visual clarity and protect against the demands of today’s racing conditions, now with four layers of race foam for the ultimate in sweat absorption. Yeah, it’s more important than that.

Brent Martin, boring granola eating wilderness advocate and recent DO NOT KILL LIST addition, lost his job for collaborating with mountain bikers on a wilderness designation process in NC:


You should read the article linked above, but here’s the TLDR:

  • Guy worked as regional director for wilderness advocacy group, whose region included Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina.
  • Guy worked for years on new management plan for two NC national forests, including Pisgah, balancing wilderness vs. recreational designations.
  • Guy brought many parties to table, worked toward amicable & mutually beneficial outcome.
  • Guy was promptly torpedoed by major organizational donor who went above his head to get him fired.

As with everything policy related, the real story is longer, more complicated, grayer, and a lot more boring. Your TEAM ROBOT investigatory journalism department is hard at work sorting out those finer details, and please chime in if you have any relevant details to share.

What’s clear is that Brent Martin tried to work across the table and got fired for it. For that, we owe him a debt of gratitude, and a spot on the DO NOT KILL LIST.

4 thoughts on “DO NOT KILL list: Brent Martin

  1. Can the robot overlords please develop an app to insert the link to this article anytime someone says e-MTBs on non-motorized trails won’t hurt trail access? Safe to say that if they are willing to kill off one of their own for attempting to collaborate with MTB groups that they are frothing at the mouth to use e-MTBs to take access away from all MTBs.

  2. It truly was a win-win until somehow there was a win-lose

    “Wilderness Study Areas” are abuses of power & are ripe for a big lawsuit to give Smokey the Bear a pair of black eyes. District Rangers are not Congress, the USFS Supervisor is not Congress, and Ag is not Congress. Can’t make something big-W Wilderness by administrative practice, that’s pretty much a no-no under that 1789 document in the National Archives.

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