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Lately there’s been concern in the mountain bike industry about carbon frames and their environmental impact. Critics claim that carbon frame construction is resource intensive, produces large amounts of waste that cannot be recycled, and the unsustainable nature of production makes it unethical. “Ocean Fill” became the buzzword for this viral movement, implying that leftover carbon waste may ultimately end up floating in the ocean.


Peter Sagan’s brother decided to abandon a carbon fiber product launch after seeing how carbon waste was handled in Taiwan and China.



For us at TEAM ROBOT, that’s not a chance we’re willing to take. We don’t want you to live in uncertainty and fear about where your carbon waste may or may not end up. If you mail your leftover carbon production waste, broken carbon components, or outdated frames to us at:



5764 Georgia Ave NW

Washington, DC 20011


We will work around the clock to make sure your carbon waste products are dumped directly into the Pacific Ocean. You can rest easy with our guarantee, knowing with certainty where your waste is headed.

We’re also looking to expand into batteries and outdated cell phones.

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  1. This sounds wonderful. The mariana’s trench is entirely too deep. we need to fill that up.

  2. Damn, Chuckles. Already got yourself a PJ franchise! Guess we know who’s cooking dinner.

    That part of GA Ave wouldn’t be Shepherd Park would it? You been spending your Lincolns putting them in garter belts at the SP Club?

  3. Save on shipping and just dump it into the Anacostia or the reflecting pool.

  4. Wow robot, pretty cool to hear you work at papa John’s. That’s a solid 10 steps up from being a bike racer

  5. I didn’t know mining raw material was so earth friendly! Like all those huge mining haul trucks and excavators don’t burn diesel at all!

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