Play this, not that

Fantastic riding from Max, but awful (presumably license-free?) music ruins the video:


So either play it on mute, or play something that doesn’t sound like the background music to a youtube knife informercial:


When I got rid of the slow-paced knife-infomercial music, his riding looked faster too. I can only guess, but I think I was so angry about the music that my brain assumed he was part-Joey and unconsciously slowed down his riding to match.

3 thoughts on “Play this, not that

  1. 1.) What is your take on the current “Rut Track” and “Jib” craze coming from the UK?

    2.) This video is trash and the boys across the pond are probably laughing their asses off at the weak excuse for a Rut Track. Is this video an attempt of freeriders trying to be relevant outside of Rampage?,34696/iceman2058,94

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