The Rules: Keep filming

If you’re ever filming a friend hit a jump for the first time, and he overshoots the jump by 30 feet, mid-nosedive, headed for an immediate ambulance ride, TEAM ROBOT has a friendly reminder for you:

Hold that phone or camera steady and keep filming. Please. You might feel pangs of guilt and a sense of responsibility, but in this moment you have a higher calling than even your sacred bond of friendship: millions of people the world over want to see a complete clip of your friend eating shit, and you owe them that. I want to see your friend eating shit. Later you’ll want to see your friend eating shit. Provided he doesn’t die on impact*, your friend will definitely want to see an uninterrupted, unshaky video of him eating shit. Don’t blow it.

It’s tough, but you have a duty here. You need to put on your big boy pants, hold the camera steady, and stand firm like the stoic, emotionless documentarian we need you to be.


*or on the ambulance ride, or from complications in the hospital, or after a multiyear coma like Steven Seagal in Hard to Kill, or any other sort of crash-related death that would prevent him from watching a cell phone video of them eating shit before going up to the Jerry Hall of Fame in the sky.


5 thoughts on “The Rules: Keep filming

  1. Can you just ask Team Robot questions here?
    If so:
    1. what front tire do the Robots run?
    2. why is the CCDB so hated, and ‘unrideable’? surely, it cannot be worst than a Fox CTD…

  2. Here’s a feedbag for ya, Chuckles.

    Riding vs Writing.

    Since this is the internet and not a trail or track, stuck we are with writing about riding. There’s people who can ride a bike but can’t write above the 3d grade level. There’s people who can’t ride a bike but have published novels, non-fiction, and academic works.

    We also have the treat of people paid to write about riding. Last time I counted, a few could actually ride a bike, but none could write about it.

    In an adult, post-driver’s license, post-voting-age way.

    In what other venues can people be paid to write like they’re in remedial 7th grade English class? Not even the National Enquirer stoops so low.

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