None of those were scrubs


Eliot’s a smart guy. He knows a lot of things. I think he knows his rear tire wasn’t sliding up the jump face on any of those “scrubs.”




Shut up, James. You’re not helping.


Whatever man, I’ve been on this “scrub” thing for years now. Just let me have my grudge in peace, James. You make me wish I’d never even found the “word bubble” feature in Preview.


Okay, fine:

5 thoughts on “None of those were scrubs

  1. This post lead me to Elliot’s blog. Now I’m a huge fan of his, but man, that blog is epically boring

  2. At some point is WakiDesigns is going to start trolling this page? what if he’s piss flaps guy?

  3. El Spomerino may have abused the word bubble and his own writing may be so lame to render the bubble an embarrassment forever, but damn if you didn’t make up for Spomer’s bubble-blowing with this entry. Actually funny, rather than just bros being bros, bro. Slainte, Chuckles.

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