4 thoughts on “This video sucked less than most

  1. Nope, it sucked. There wasn’t even a two minute intro of a 26-year-old brah riding in a van waxing intellectual about life and trails. If you think a great video is metal and not overthinking the trail shots then you are not a robot.

  2. Robots are made of metal. Your calculations are erroneous. Beep Bop Boop. Kill all humans.

    This video definitely sucked less than most. No slow-mo, no bros pontificating about “life” and “journeys” or “meaning” or going “fast”. Just riding and goofing off and being entertaining.

    My only criticism is that it lacked Motorhead.

  3. KenBot is a copypasta genius, someone hire him at pinkbike.

    “Hey, maybe nobody knows I’m copying Alex Rankin here.”

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