Free advice

Taking a photo of you on a bike in a Santa suit isn’t original or compelling or funny. Stop doing it.


[Editor’s Note] This Sam Pilgrim video would be the notable exception, but only because it operates on a different comedic principle, one I like to call ” fat suits are funny.”


And just to throw a curveball in there, Sam looks like he might become the first major rider sponsored by an Ebike brand, in the form of the thoroughly-German-but-never-heard-of-it-before brand Haibike. He’s hardly the first rider to dance with the devil; Schleybletop, the Alien, and the Broastal Crew have all picked up their Ebike paychecks.

But, to continue this strained analogy, Sam would be the first rider to marry, have kids, and set up a white picket fence with the devil.

8 thoughts on “Free advice

  1. What about in a blow up Santa suit, on a haibike, and with monster energy sponsor sticker?

  2. In one study, researchers found that happy people complain less. They also looked at the evidence that the happy folks in their study were more mindful. They hypothesize that more cheerful folks are likely to complain more mindfully—more strategically, if you will—and with a specific goal in mind.

    sounds like someone needs a hug.

  3. Thank you for bringing up the santa costumes. Shit has been bothering me since that seems to be the only requirement to make it onto pinkbike rn.

  4. The requirements to make it onto the front page of pinkbike are having two wheels, a DSLR, and a pulse.

  5. look man, Mike Levy’s a genius and whatever he directs, media content wise, it’s the product of true genius. he’s got Arrruh See backing him, and that guy’s a legend. the people cracking on Levyism are just jealous. why are you so verdant with envy, chuckles?

    ^^ the above is how smug morons handle sarcasm, satire & irony with the best of intentions. I leave it to you and the TRKYF readers to assess my own smugness and moron status.

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