Breaking News: random whitetrash more creative than Anthill and Mind Spark combined

You say drones and cable cams, I raise you Arizona Iced Tea grip tape and shitty minivans.

Okay, okay, someone said I complain too much on TR, so let me say something positive for a change. I think the average Anthill production displays more creative risk-taking than The Force Awakens.

10 thoughts on “Breaking News: random whitetrash more creative than Anthill and Mind Spark combined

  1. …someone said I complain too much on TR…
    Never said that.
    Blogs are so 2002. Come hang out one day and we can trade backstories.

  2. Touche. But random white trash doesn’t have cliche slo mo.

    Tough call.

  3. jackson pollock the pinnacle of risk? hee haw, I hear roy clark and buck owens singing!

    “I know I’m not much of a painter, so I’ll just throw paint at the canvas first, then put the canvas flat and dribble paint on it at random. I know people in galleries, they owe me favors, they’ll say I’m a true genius and the money will start rolling in.”

    -j pollock, circa 1953

  4. Pollock had a brilliant creative process but not a brilliant output. Contrast that with someone like Hunter S. Thompson who had both.

  5. oh yeah, a “brilliant creative process” of getting blind drunk and abusive toward everyone!

    another ironybro fails again.

    “but I’m being ironic.”

    not even close. you need to check your irony definition, swami bro.

  6. Joe versus the volcano is one of my favorite movies. Matt Macduff is one of my favorite riders. Kudos TR.

  7. Only e-riders use Top 40 Radio songs for etymology, linguistics and definition. Only e-riders of e-bikes would pick a Canadian Mouseketeer when hunting songs for “what does this word actually mean, anyway?”

    I suppose we should be grateful it wasn’t a Barenaked Ladies song. Those guys are the best at confusing irony and simple Canadian awkwardness when asked for humor and cleverness.

    When Alanis was being a Canadian Mouseketeer, rewriting word meanings to help undercut linguistics, American kids got to watch Zuhm, zee double oh emm, box three five oh, boston mass, oh two one three four.

    This is why Canadians don’t get irony, and instead just use “hey this awkward confusion of things sure is IRONIC!” with brash confidence. I think we were expected to say, “Alanis? Alan is? What is Alan, anyway?” and laugh like we got the joke.

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