There’s a class of people who are allergic to doing things the simple, time-tested way. Some would call these people “tinkerers” or “inventors,” but I think that’s being too generous. I call them engineers.

“Hey, look, there’s something simple that works fine… Let’s go make it complicated!”


“We fixed everything that was wrong with the bicycle.”

5 thoughts on “Allergies

  1. ^^ lol.

    I think they need to go the distance and have the rider facing backwards, like an actual rowing scull.
    And the steering ahould be entirely left/right wheel thrust, based on rowing force of each arm!
    Brakes could be in the form of blind luck, safely coasting to a stop or hurtling off a cliff and removing one’s self from the gene pool.

  2. It’s about ten-to-the-sixth times easier to get a BS in any Engr discipline than it is to actually know how to think and design for efficiency in all relevant dimensions. Naturally, that one-in-a-million Engr who knows how to do such thought/design isn’t working for any bicycle company.

    Distillation is more commonly accurate in basic organic chemistry lab, and even there it’s checked with chromatography. And who designs chromatographs? It’s not chemists. It’s… well… engineers.

    Bastards are everywhere, fucking up everything.

  3. Sattelites, internet and computers: just to name a few “complicated” things you are using to post craps.
    I can bet the “inventors” did not intend to replace the bicycle but the kayak for some situations.
    But hey, they’re the limited ones.

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