11 thoughts on “How you know someone never worked at a shop

  1. Also note the chains are not on the smallest cassette cog.
    Even never working in a shop, a pro rider should know better.
    Unacceptable. Send him to the gulags! He must be re-educated!

  2. Not when you’re the “American dream.” Psh.

  3. More tragic and heart breaking news, Charlie follows Bridgett Leber on instagram. I for one would like an explanation.

  4. Never face the drivetrain towards the stand. But, trust fund kids have never had to turn wrenches.

  5. If you’re truing your rotor it totally makes sense. But then again, if you still ride v-brakes you don’t know this

  6. Worked at a “shop”? No, I’ve never considered making 13 bucks an hour to adjust derailleurs on a wal mart bike for 25 hours a week.

  7. we were just talking about this at the shop. and i make like atleast 14 cmon bruh. i need to go milan style and become an electrician already.

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