Another place to not save weight: Pedals

Obviously this was a Cranksbrother pedal, so it wasn’t long for the world already, but it raises the question: How bad do you want to save 50 grams really?

Steel spindles, real bearings, and thick ass aluminum bodies are pretty damn cool, they cost less, and they could save your life. Or at least your ankle’s life.

Also where is this guy’s upper guide? Carbon cranks, cadence sensor, red chainring, and a gold chain, too. This guy is a rolling KILL LIST article.


11 thoughts on “Another place to not save weight: Pedals

  1. Yes and yes. For reference I run Shimano DX M647s. But playing devil’s advocate, it’s not the worst place to save weight. Everyone has slipped a pedal or come unclipped at an inopportune time. And usually you can ride it out without crashing. And there is generally no difference functionally between a lightweight Ti and steel version of pedals.

    Just saying there are worse places to save grams. Tires, handlebars, and suspension are just a couple off the top of my head.

  2. Rubbish people. The same people who spend $1k on power meters and count Cheerios when trying to reach race weight.

  3. Chuckles, you can admit you choose your chainrings based on frame decal color, and you can admit you snapped a pedal axle on a one-foot drop at 2mph. Everyone will still read your wisecracking.

    Everyone except me, that is. But since I’m irrelevant both on the internet and in The Reality, no loss to anyone there.

    Your grips are red too, aren’t they?

  4. fuk all that shit. my 10year orld kona wah wahs on gnar and rocks that kills your piss poor aluminimum robot face off with their original pins FTMFW, asshollllllllle.

  5. I know you’re on a posting sabitcal but please tell me you saw the Elliot Jackson ETT example today. Top 5 ever.

  6. did our comments scare you away, Charlie? I hope not… You have a responsibility to keep generating glorious content. a commitment you made when you decided to post again. Don’t leave us again… I check this brobot daily now in hopes of high quality journalism. Levy and Spomer just can’t come close to your glorious Lewis & Clark vocabulary and well put together thoughts. In our eyes, you’re the dick we need. The bike industry is a bunch of pussy’s and other media outlets are assholes. You, Charlie, you fuck pussy and asshole.

  7. Maybe Chuckles is trying to morph into a Nice Guy Saying Nice Positive Things.

    Lemme tell ya, Chuckles: pay attention to what happened to David Lowery’s lyrical and musical gifts when he went from snide dissatisfied-but-still-funny man with Camper van Beethoven, to the jovial frat boy with no sense of humor in Cracker.

    Instead of Joe Stalin’s Cadillac or Take the Skinheads Bowling or Where the Hell is Bill?, we got Euro-Trash Girl, a song that tries way too hard to be unsarcastic but still funny. Or some simpering crap like anything after Kerosene Hat, musically or Lyrically.

    But look: now Lowery makes big bucks as a sometime Quant and a sometime Music Biz Professor.

    Does that make up for his squandered gifts? Or does it just fatten his wallet a bit more? Does money make a man more a man, less a man, or just a guy with an XY chromosome status?

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